Sunday, September 29, 2013

Once upon a time in Japan....

And here they are, when you have completely forgotten, given up hope and otherwise moved on with your lives; I give you the Japan photos. The fact that it has taken me more than four months to post these reminds me that a) I am not quite over the loss of my over 500+ photos from the trip and b) I have way too much on my plate; and while most of my plate is filled with are fun and exciting developments, they are keeping me a little too busy nonetheless. 

And I must say, Japan just doesn't seem over to me. Usually I post photos to document and close a trip. And while that is partly true for this one, I feel like this trip was just the beginning and much more is to come. I'm not sure if it's the desire to go photograph the country again, or just walk the back streets of Gion, but I think I'll be back. Sooner than later.

These photos aren't really in any particular order (I was in Hiroshima, Kyoto and Nara) and, to be honest, neither on my thoughts so this is like a steam of consciousness summary of Japan :). Enjoy! 

Mountains, lots of them
Hiroshima (oh my gosh, so moving)
the smell of cedar and creaky boards, all unique, in each temple
hiking Miyajima
the sight of the Todai-ji (Great Buddha Temple) (Taj Mahal/Grand Canyon moment)
riding bikes in Kyoto
Empiral Gardens
stillness and sunlight
not THAT expense
Onzen--Japanese baths--tatoos not allowed??
9pm noodles
Funny obligatory robes and slippers in the hotel (actually loved them)
colossal, hilarious cultural mishaps
School children,

                                               And overall, just happy. 

If you ever decide to go to Japan; you really can't go wrong. but the most magical place I can recommend is Miyajima. It sticks with you, that's all I can say.

So much more news to share with all you beautiful people. More to come. xo

p.s. You have probably noticed a little REDESIGN in the works! Since I am too busy to do this the proper way, you will be seeing my trials (and triumphs!?!) along the way. Would love to hear what you think! 

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