Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Studio Space

I have a little studio. Did you know that? It is comprised of half of our guest room right off the living room. It is where I find myself more and more these days working on house, sewing and store projects. I just went in there tonight and it finally struck me that I completely and totally outgrown it. (You basically can't even open the closet in the guest room because my pattern pieces and storage completely overwhelm the place). 

Eric has promised that he is going to move his office (he uses about only half the space in his room) into the guest bedroom and then I will have the third room to use as my studio. I can't wait. He has promised to do that when I'm gone for a month in May (more on that later).

I have so many ideas about what I want to do. One of my biggest inspirations is Jenny Gordy's old space in her Brooklyn studio. So inspiring. It is so clean, orderly and spacious. Everything my space is not right now. (I was even embarrassed to take a picture and post it). But once the new space is up and running I will post some photos. For now, I am channeling this....

All photos from The Makers

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