Saturday, February 4, 2012

First things first


I much as I hate to admit it,  I feel like all the energy, creativity and focus I built up over my holiday has just been zapped away in a matter of weeks. Ah, the joy of a day job and trying to start something new! 

My struggle over the past couple of months has made me truly admire people who are successful in creating small businesses while working a full time job. It is no easy feat. I realize they must not sleep that much! (I, unfortunately, am a species that actually needs sleep to function and be productive. I feel this leaves me at a great disadvantage ;). 

In order to make up for my need to sleep, I have been listening to the audio tape of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. I know it sounds a little silly but I have actually found it to be immensely helpful and motivating! 

The third habit is "putting first things first". Listening to this idea really hit home, especially when I am tackling a big project. I often feel that I tend to start from the end, instead of the beginning. I find myself fast forwarding and daydreaming about what things will look like when they are beautifully and neatly finished. But I'm not actually taking the necessary steps to get there. It can be scary. Months can slip by when I'm thinking that something is actually getting something done; but in reality I'm just thinking about it. 

I realize that is because those steps can be hard, even tedious. But today, I motivated myself to do the things I have been putting off. They weren't all fun but I feel like I accomplished more today that I have in weeks. Now, I'm interested to know. How do you remember to put first things first?

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  1. Hooray for coming back to the moment! This is an interesting thing for me to contemplate. I also get lost in trying to picture what my life is going to look like in the future... as if I need to know, or am even capable of knowing, what that future will really be until I get there. I just wrote about this on my blog, so it seems we are heading somewhat parallel. xo