Saturday, January 28, 2012


It's amazing how little time I feel I have after going back to work. I am so may projects spinning in my head but just finding the time to get them organized is such a challenge.

Anyway.....just another little post about Mexico before I give it a rest ;). This one is about food. I was pretty underwhelmed by the food in Playa del Carmen, however, the food in the surrounding areas was great! Pretty much every road side taco stand we came upon offered wonderful, fun, affordable meals. I really didn't do much research or planning for the trip but I had heard about two restaurants I wanted to check out. I didn't make it to El Asadero but on our last night we splurged and went to HartwoodNow, this place is not cheap. I balked at the prices when I first sat down. Twenty dollar plus entrees was not what I was expecting. We were in Mexico right, not NYC (I guess you could have gotten confused judging for the crowd ;). But I will say it was worth the price tag; one of the best meals I have ever had.These photos from The Selby say it all.......

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