Friday, November 18, 2011

Time Off and Necklace inspiration

I am on day three of a week and a half long "stay vacation". I really hate that term but I suppose it does properly describe what I'm doing for the next week. No work e-mail, no phone calls, no thinking about students stranded in far-away countries (don't worry, other people are thinking about those things). 

I'm just taking a week to myself. Brainstorming business ideas, taking care of the house, treating myself to a Friday afternoon yoga class. But most of all just unplugging for a while; something none of us seem to do very well anymore. 

These pictures aren't really related to this post but these necklaces are a huge inspiration to me for what I want to make and/or sell someday. Aren't they lovely.....

Top picture from not tuesday
Bottom pictures from Oil and Me

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