Friday, January 31, 2014

Perception versus reality

And a month later, the next post comes. Still gleaning pace and understanding from those flurried thoughts I put down at the beginning of 2014. Especially the reminder that once a month is just fine...... but you still have to get it done. 

Touched down in Bangkok two nights ago; still feeling light and loopy. Lots of swarming sights and smells. Travel is still sweet even with an aging body and a shifted perspective. The warm air feels amazing, the birds and trees and flowers are all encompassing. Definitely needed to get a break from that long winter. 

Before my trip, I was peppered with questions about the protests here. "Was I worried? How bad was it? Weren't there bombings?". 

These protests are serious and they are quite literally in front of our work site door. Hard to pretend nothings happening, even if you wanted to.  I won't say I understand completely what is going on here and this post isn't really about protests. It's about the reality I'm living right now. 

However, spending hours and hours yesterday trying to calm my colleagues back home, I realize what a huge gap there often is between perception and reality. I suppose in a certain sense, it is a more dangerous time to be here, but I wouldn't give it up for the world. What an incredible opportunity and exposure to a massive movement of will and determination.  Not what the media wants us to think it is. The human spirit is strong here and the focus unwavering. It is beautiful to see in action. And I don't feel scared. I'm just an observer; interested, intrigued and still a bit jet-lagged. 

Photos from National Geographic 

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