Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Launch and let go

What. a. whirlwind. 

I was looking at the date of my last post and chuckled. Some say they "neglect" their blogs after three about three weeks? :).

But I have a good excuse. I was preparing and participating in one of the most rewarding and incredible days of my life: the Territory Launch. It happened. And it was amazing. There is just something about doing what you love. It is a ton of work but it feels so right. 

There are so many things I could say and I will down the road but for now I'm just riding the wave and keeping the energy moving. Life is good when you let it be. 

I didn't stop for a minute to take a picture, but luckily I have lovely friends that snapped shots. Take a look...especially  at the one in the middle of the most gorgeous, thoughtful and wonderful women I've been able to meet and share time with over the past you all. 

And now, right back to it....there is a website to build, global artisans to discover and beautiful craft to bring to the world

xoxoxo, R

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