Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Hustlers and the Dreamers

It is way too late on a Sunday to be starting a blog post, but I am creeping up on the two week mark, and there's no moment like the present. My late night posts tend to be full of spelling and grammatical errors but heartfelt none-the-less. 

One week ago today, I was in NYC at an Artisan Resource and Fair Trade show which completely and totally blew my mind. I learned more than I thought possible in two days about the artisan world and I felt incredibly lucky to be able to attend on my shoestring budget. I am also immensely filled with gratitude and love for the people that have so beautifully come into my life recently and helped out in so many ways. You know who you are! 

So it was 2.5 days of whirlwind talk, connection, beautiful products and, first and foremost, inspiration. People are so amazing to talk to when they are in their element :). And that connection is what makes it all worth it. 

My last night in New York, I read this. Read it. It's for all those people out there that are scared but sure, have a dream but not the next step and for those who have fallen and aren't quite back up yet. This one's for you...for all the hustlers and all the dreamers. 

Photo of me 13 years ago! I had the hustle then, I just didn't know it yet :). 

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