Sunday, July 21, 2013


I've been working on a much longer, heartfelt post about life, work, relationships and happiness (gasp!) but, of course, it is taking me a lot longer to put that all together than I thought. (I have a lot of ideas on these matters and they're not always easy to make sense of!)

So I was looking at some of my older bookmarks for an interim post and I discovered a link I had saved almost a year ago on the Royal Wedding in Bhutan. Looking at it now, I didn't feel inspired to post anything on the wedding in particular (although you should check out the link!) but it did remind me of how incredibly far away and fascinating Bhutan has always felt to me. I really doubt I will ever go (that might even ruin the mystique right?) so that makes it even better to fantasize through photos....

All snaps by Claus Nehmzow and Ben Smethers direct from the new and improved Flickr.

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