Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Rough Landing

Oh to return. I just can't believe it is this hard for others to come home. for me, it has always been hard. 

Japan was a beautiful whirlwind. I have 500 photos of my glorious days floating somewhere in the Chicago streets; left on an iPhone in the back of my cab on the way up to my flat. Slowly getting over the loss. It's not easy. Flickr, has been my friend.

But I don't need the photos though to remember the wind on my face as I rode along side the river in Kyoto and got lost in the language that swirled around me. It was fascinating  inspiring, and I was happy. 

I'll write more about the trip and post (some) of the photos my travel partner took soon. And I might even post some from Heidi who apparently likes Japanese department store food as much as I do. God bless her.

I read this just now. It moved me. It helped define that feeling of longing that I have felt since a young age that again...I just can't shake. 

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