Sunday, February 19, 2012

Athena Calderone

I actually have four or five topics I have been meaning to put on these pages as of late but they require a dedicated sit at my computer and unfortunately, the weekend didn't allow me that space. Interestingly enough, I listened briefly to an NPR show today talking about how humans have an obligation to share what goes through their mind and how the interpret the world with others; since you never know how it might help or impact them. (Joanna was talking about something similar the other day). I found that idea pretty inspirational and important. 

Anyway, since I didn't have the time to ponder the meaning of life, I bring you the lovely home of Athena Calderone. Which is just so pleasing to the eye if not the mind.

More photos here: Tales of Endearment
Discovered via Joanna at Kneeland and Co.

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