Thursday, December 29, 2011

Southern Comfort

Two weeks ago EVN and I hopped on a plane for Charleston, South Carolina. I graduated from college there ten years ago; and almost to the day, we were headed down to see my little brother graduate as well! It was so nice to be with family, see old haunts, and experience true Southern hospitality. (It is alive and well folks in case you were wondering!). 

The weather was divine and we spent every second we could outside. I kept saying over and over again that I never appreciated the weather when I lived there. That is a good thing about Chicago winters; they make you appreciate every second of mild weather when you can find it.

Scenes from downtown


The Occupy movement seems to be alive and strong in the South as well! 

My new red tights! 

You can't beat a walk on the beach in December! 

My brother did a I needed to try one. 

The preparation.....

The attempt.....

Still needed a little help....

Almost there.....

Success! (well, the hand placement looks a little bit risky but hey I was up!)

Then we shook it all off with a walk down the beach. 

The ocean was certainly the highlight of the trip, not to mention the accommodation and restaurantsall of them

Charleston is such an amazing city, especially as an early winter getaway! I highly recommend it! 

p.s. Southwest just started flying there! 

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