Sunday, September 25, 2011

Beatrice Valenzuela--Apartment Therapy

Before I do anything else on this lovely fall Chicago afternoon, I have to get these pictures of Beatrice Valenzuela's home up. I am constantly scouring the internet, looking at different homes all over the web; but I must say Beatrice's home just blew me out of the water. There is something familiar and comforting about all the gorgeous textiles, simple furniture, and oh the kitchen. It is just so perfect. It makes me want to head on over to Echo Park and move right in. 

The light and the beautiful

I can't get over how gorgeous this room is with the oversized windows are, light walls, and beautifully curated furniture. 

 The art from Hadley Holliday is just perfect. I recognized it from Kathryn Bentley's closetvisit

 And don't feel like I need to say anything about this porch! Perfection. 

 Ditto for the kitchen. The open shelving is perfect! 

 The color in this bathroom is to die for. 

And to top it all off they have chickens. Seriously, this is my dream home! need to carve our a little space like this in Chi-town. 

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