Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The coast to the east

I have always felt more of an affinity with the West than the East; probably the vast, grand quality of the land there. However, over the last week I think that all changed. Eric and I spent a week in Boston and Maine and oh my, I fell in love all over again. I think I've always considered the East Coast kind of like home base for me (even though I'm from Ohio). A lot of my family lives there and I have just always felt very comfortable and natural in that area.  Over the last couple days, I couldn't help but think I wouldn't mind making a permanent home there someday. Here are some things we did :). 

Took a tour of the John Adam's home and took some illegal pictures :). 

Eric is really into American history and I think it is finally rubbing off on me. 

 Eric's sister lives in Boston and is mother to little Carter James, 4 months of age. 

I'm not sure why I thought this sign in Boston was so cool. But I did. 

One of the first things we did when we got to Maine (right after jumping in the Atlantic) was take a beautiful hike just a mile from my aunt's house. It was amazing! 

We were lucky enough to catch the North Berwick farmer's market and make a lovely meal with the family. 

A trip to Maine would not be complete without a visit to the Barn Gallery to see my aunt and uncle's work. They have been artists in the area for years. They are so talented and it is a joy to see their work on display. 

The boys went fishing early Sunday morning and watched the sun rise...

And then proceeded to catch a lot of fish. (They let them go though ;)

The last day, we headed back down to the coast, checking out very cool garden shops and soaking in some last bits of the ocean. I miss it already. But we've made plans to go back next summer.:)

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