Sunday, June 5, 2011

The last two days

I think this is such a lovely shot of Eric and his Dad. They are very much alike in many ways. 

This was my busy work for the car. Ideas, ideas, ideas for a little shop someday?

Eric and I took the weekend to go visit Pokagon State Park about three hours east of Chicago. Eric's Mom, Jeanette was receiving an award for all of her work with the environment in the Great Lakes region of Indiana and Michigan. It was nice to see her recognized and it was also nice to get out of the city. Eric and I usually try and get out at least once a month to just unwind and take a breather.

The weekend and last week in general was such an amazing time to reflect on what I have been doing over the last five years in Chicago and what I want to continue to do in the future. Taking time to evaluate what is happening in your life is always a good idea. Maybe you find you are on just the right path, but then again maybe you find you should be looking in other directions. Either way it is a wonderful exercise. 

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  1. Lovely entry! Some beautiful photography here. The one of Eric on the boat is really eye catching - perfect light.