Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The last (three) days

If I could wipe Monday off the record, the last three days would have been quite all right. Last week I got the good news that I will probably be going to Sweden for work in the fall (yippee!) and then on to Thailand in the spring. Not too bad!

On the personal front, I've been working hard sewing and thinking up ideas for my little shop. It still feels so far away but I know something will happen :). My friend Erin and I went and checked out the Randolph Street Market this weekend. It was ok. They charge $10 to get in now so I probably wouldn't do that again, but it was still worth a look around.

We also lucked into an amazing street performance on Michigan Ave. a few hours later. Chicago is so good for things like that. Makes me smile to live here :).

p.s. I just wanted to note that I took these photos with my iPhone. I know this is probably not news to people but omg look at that quality; all in a little phone.

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