Saturday, March 26, 2011

Paris of the South

What a whirlwind two weeks! I got back from a week in Buenos Aires last Thursday morning. Although it was a work trip, I must say I had a great time. Had lots of opportunity to walk around the city and take in the sites. Buenos Aires is an amazing town. It is so much different than other Latin American cities that I've been to. The European influence is quite tangible; little cafes, restaurants. The call it the Paris of South America for a reason! 

The Obelisk, the heart of the city. We stayed about two blocks away from here. 

A shot from my hotel balcony; I was happy to be high above the bustling street noise. 

 One of the many small street markets in the city.

 Shots from the beautiful Cementario de Recoleta. 

 The tomb of Evita Peron. She died when she was 33! I had no idea. 

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