Sunday, January 23, 2011


I have had a pretty bad case of insomnia over the last two weeks or so. I attribute it the start of a new year (which is many ways can be stressful), the fact that I have not been watching my diet as well I should and then of course, a general anxiety about where I want to take my career path and trying to figure out the steps to get there. 

When I was younger I thought that by 32 I would know EXACTLY what I wanted to do with my life and everything would be sorted nicely. Of course, as we all know, life is not a straight line but weaves in a circular fashion; trying things out seeing if they work, and then starting over again if they don't. 

So although I seem to be starting at the beginning once again I know that it is not negative, but a part of the growth process. I have faith that it will eventually put me where I need to be.

Here's a lovely photo of a simple bedroom. Here's to a relaxed mind and restful sleep.

Photo via Cup of Joe

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