Saturday, November 27, 2010

Te Wai Pounamu

So I have finally had a moment to sit back and start going through the photos from New Zeland (Te Wai Pounamu is the name for the South Island of New Zealand in Maori). This was the farthest Eric and I had ever traveled from home and let me tell you it felt like it! After three weeks back, I am still not feeling 100% normal. But I hope that it all settles in time. Here are some highlights from the trip:

Sooooo many sheep. It was pretty amazing. Kiwis are used to them but Eric and I could not get enough of them. It was also spring,  so all the lambs had just been born.

Hiking near Mt. Aspiring National Park.

Summit. That is Mt. Aspiring in the background.

An afternoon of fishing after another hike.

Enjoying our catch. 

Fiorland National Park. We spent a night on a boat that took us our into the Fiord. It was pretty amazing!

A famous scene of Milford Sound from shore. 

A possum burger. Yes, possum burger. They are wildly hunted in New Zealand since they are a menace and kill and eat young kiwi birds. This burger was ok but I will probably stick with my friend the cow from now on.

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