Sunday, January 17, 2010

I like too many things

I have realized as of late that I have not posted anything on my blog since I first started it a couple of months ago. This is because I'm having a blogging identity crisis. I like too many things. I first started this blog to emulate the ones that I have crushes on...unruly things, Bliss, Green Olives etc. But then I realized that although I am slowly but surely learning the ins and out of my burgeoning creativity, I still love so many other things. Do I write about yoga? meditation? about my hatred of 9-5? about turing 30 and then some?

I've been thinking so much about what this blog should be that I never make it anything.

So as the first month of this new year marches on...I've decided that I will start blogging about everything in my life. I will stop trying to make this blog something and just let it be whatever it is. That feels good.

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